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Let's Talk
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Day Zero


Technical Creative Solutions on Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow
“Afterworld makes the ‘quantum leap’ the industry has been waiting for.” - Vogue

Balenciaga released an immersive interactive video game to unveil their Fall ‘21 collection. Embracing the limitations set by global lockdowns, Balenciaga gathered a forward-thinking production team with expertise in video game development, volumetric video capture, and cloud-streaming to bring an ordinarily closed-door luxury fashion show to the masses.

As a lead game developer, Streamline used its expertise in Unreal Engine to craft, integrate, and optimize all the creative and technical media seamlessly into the experience.

Streamline coordinated and provided technical consultation for all creative production teams collaborating on this project. Including implementing megascans, photogrammetry, cloud-streaming, and the largest volumetric video capture.

“Streamline provided us with a curious group of developers who were eager to understand our world, our vision, fashion architecture to set the conditions to make this project successful.”
- Niklas Bildstein, Creative Director
Case Study

Revolution Software

Key Art Partner on Beyond A Steel Sky
  • Providing UE4 expertise
  • Large-scale & fast deployment; 10+ large environment areas and 30+ characters in 6 months
  • In-engine delivery
  • Character modelling and rigging set-up

"Streamline Studio’s All Pixels department produced many of the background and character assets for Beyond A Steel Sky. All Pixels created the art assets to an extremely high standard, despite the tight deadline, and maintained excellent communication throughout the production. They are an exceptionally talented and professional team of people who were a pleasure to work with."
- Charles Cecil, Founder


Technical Creative Solutions Partner on Street Fighter V
  • Close creative collaboration
  • Concept Art
  • Environments & Stages
  • Fighters
  • Costumes
  • Lighting & VFX

“The dedication to technology, people and process at Streamline sets a new standard  for how global game development can be achieved...”
- Bochan Kim, Senior Producer

Purple Lamp / THQ

Technical Creative Solutions Partner on SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated
  • UE4 Powered remaster of a beloved classic
  • Content and technical support

We're very happy to have worked with Streamline on the development of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated.”
- Purple Lamp

Brace Yourself Games

Performance Optimization, 2D & 3D Environment Art Assets for Industries of Titan

  • Performance Optimization
  • 2D Environment Art
  • 3D Art Assets

"Working with Streamline has had a large positive impact on Brace Yourself Games. This is the first time we have worked so closely with an external partner on core development, and we were not sure what to expect. We had heard from other indie studios that, when they had attempted to work with external partners, they had encountered significant challenges. But we are pleased to report that it did not take long for our team and the Streamline team to gel, and to begin an extremely productive and enjoyable working relationship.

Not only has Streamline developed numerous core gameplay features for us, but they have also been instrumental in improving our game's performance (on both CPU and GPU), as well as solving some of our more difficult crash bugs and memory leaks. They truly are a talented team, and we don't know where we would be now without them! We hope that Brace Yourself Games and Streamline will be working together for many years to come!"

- Ryan Clark, CEO

People Can Fly

Content Development and Level Design on Outriders
  • Content Development
  • Level Designs
  • Set Dressing
  • Environmental VFX

"The Streamline Games team proactively discussed ideas and contributed to the design and set-dressing of levels in Outriders. As an established outsource co-development studio, they showcased a high level of flexibility, autonomy, and excellent communication while working directly alongside the People Can Fly team."

- Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO

Square Enix

Programming partner on Final Fantasy XV

  • Combat Encounters
  • Refactor / Optimise
  • Scenario Setups
  • (Post) Launch Support
  • Xbox One / PS4 Devkits
  • Feature Requests
  • Ai Refactoring
  • Memory Optimizations
  • Thousands Of Bugs
  • Engine Porting

“Streamline supported the final and most intense stages of our game development, when time was the most crucial factor. Despite the tough situation on hand, they delivered a stable and fantastic performance…”
- Hajime Tabata, Director

BBC / AE Live

Technical Creative Solutions Partner
  • Using UE4 for broadcast television
  • Conceptualization and design of the virtual studio
  • Close collaboration with creatives at AE Live and the BBC

This project was a steep learning curve, but a necessary one. It allowed Streamline to exercise skills in a different medium, learning quickly what adaptations must be made to fulfil requirements of cross-media development. The experience gave the team the confidence to take the next steps towards converging media, entertainment, and technology.



Technical Creative Solutions Partner on Oddworld Soulstorm
  • Creative collaboration with industry veterans
  • Full spectrum content support

Echtra Games

Key Art Partner on Torchlight III
  • Character team supporting live content updates through alpha and release.
  • Modelling, Rigging, and Animation support

"Streamline has been and continues to be a great partner for us. They've been consistent, flexible and communicative while providing great work that we're proud to have as part of our game."
- Faye Tyson, Producer


Altspace VR

Technical Creative Solutions Partner on Altspace VR
  • High stakes creative collaboration
  • Large scale design and content creation
  • Unity VR ready
  • Social media and website assets

Streamline brought on a team of fifteen artists to tackle all aspects of the art production, from concepts to design to modeling and implementing in Unity. We designed and adapted modern fashion and cultural costumes, which was a fulfilling task for our multinational team.

Square Enix

Technical Creative Solutions Partner on Monster of the Deep - Final Fantasy XV
  • PSVR game using the Luminous engine
  • Content produced and optimized for the platform


Key Art Partner on The Way of Kings
  • Close collaboration in bringing Brandon Sanderson's IP, "Way of Kings", into a VR experience for the first time.
  • Environments and characters 

“We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly the collaborative nature and communication flow developed between us and Streamline.”
- Ewan Johnson, Chief Creative Officer

Case Video

Bake 'n Switch

Award-winning original IP, local and online couch co-op and PvP party game developed by Streamline Games and published on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

  • Global multi-platform console release
  • Platform relations and submissions
  • Localized global marketing and PR (EFIGS, Japanese, Chinese, Korean)
  • Digital marketing assets; video/trailers, GIFs, images, audio for multiple mediums.

“Bake ‘n Switch is a dream project for us. We‘ve published a game that has exponential and endless room to grow, with a team of committed developers who want to invest as much time and effort as we do. Whether it’s new content, additional platforms, or out-of-the-box community engagement ideas, we have a long future planned for Bake ‘n Switch. So, it won’t become a flash in the pan (or oven!)”
- Layla Amir, Head of Marketing, Streamline Media Group



Award-winning original IP mobile game developed by Streamline Games and published on iOS and Android.

  • Staggered regional releases (SEA and Rest of World)
  • Platform relations and submissions
  • Localized SEA digital and physical marketing assets (Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indo, Chinese)
  • Marketing partner relations

“We’re psyched about this partnership with Streamline Games as they are a AAA developer with an amazing track record in developing video games. We can utilize our strength as the largest integrated media company in Malaysia to promote ‘Nightstream’ to the mass market and replicate the success of our other titles, such as Ejen Ali and Mak Cun’s Adventure.”
- Rafiq Rahman, CEO, Media Prima Digital

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