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Let's Talk
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Day Zero

This presentation deep dives into the creative brief, Streamline’s deliverables, production pipeline and process, and finally the impact of the project.

You will hear from the Project Manager, Game Designer, Lead Programmer, and Head of Production to learn how this fashion-gaming experience was brought to life using the Unreal Engine, and other key tools. 

  • Technical Implementation
  • Volumetric Video
  • Level Design
  • Environment and NPCs
  • Cloud Streaming
  • Features and Advertising
  • Global Reception
Balenciaga: Afterworld The Age of Tomorrow

Balenciaga released an immersive interactive video game to unveil their Fall ‘21 collection.

A video game for mobile and PC took consumers on a journey through a decaying world into a brighter, healthier future.

The final experience showcases 50 avatars each wearing the Fall ‘21 collection (the largest volumetric video project), five distinct zones, photogrammetry environments, vehicles, and AR delivered through a cloud gaming service. 

Multiple teams across the globe shared a segment of work for the game developer, Streamline Games, to seamlessly integrate into the Unreal Engine to deliver an experience that would capture Balenciaga's vision, consumers, and the industry.

This project has showcased what is possible for luxury retail and the next stage of the metaverse using video game technology.

Game Development

  • Streamline committed Research & Development into technical and creative requirements for this ambitious project.

  • All assets of the game were optimized, implemented, configured, and tested to run in-engine for cloud-streaming on desktop and mobile.

  • Streamline joined the project half-way through production and developed the game within a 3-month timeline.

Sabine Ong, Project Manager

Balenciaga - Technical Implementation

Technical Implementation

  • Multiple cutting-edge visual elements were combined to create a fully working product.

  • While developing highly technical and challenging designs, Streamline ensured the visual fidelity was not lost.

Volumetric Video Capture

  • Collaboration with Dimension Studios for the largest volumetric video capture in one build
    • 50 Balenciaga models were captured in the complete Fall 2021 Collection

  • Streamline worked closely with the Unreal Microsoft Plug-In to ensure seamless integration.
Balenciaga - Volumetric Video Capture

Mansoor Anwar, Senior Game Designer

Balenciaga - Level Design

Level Design

  • The game takes the player on a journey through 5 distinctive zones/levels. Creative decisions made during zoning out these levels.

  • Photogrammetry scan and Quixel megascans were used within Unreal Engine 4 to build these expansive worlds. 

Environment and NPCs

  • We received CAD files from vehicle manufacturers:
    • Polestar designed bespoke vehicles for the cityscapes.

  • We added AI to NPCs to create realistic traffic simulations, pedestrian movements, animal behaviors, and natural environmental elements.
Balenciaga - Environment and NPCs
Balenciaga - Character Select

Character Select

  • Balenciaga wanted to include this traditional video game element for the user to be fully immersed in the experience.

  • Each character reflects a different Zone of the game, and a different part of the players’ journey, as well as presenting as a Lookbook for the Fall ‘21 Collection. 

Cloud Streaming Optimization

  • We worked in close collaboration with Ubitus, as the chosen cloud-streaming platform to optimize the art and development to stream on their platform.
Balenciaga - Cloud Streaming Optimization

Ramesh Balachandran, Lead Programmer

Balenciaga - Features and Advertising

Features and Advertising

  • AR navigation tool was added to navigate players through the worlds.

  • Customizable advertisement features were placed in each zone ranging from posters and flyers to electronic/LE bus stop and building billboards.

Collaborating with Other Companies

Streamline coordinated with companies worldwide for visual and audio assets, integration, and cloud-streaming including:

  • Cutscene cinematic
  • Audio and music engineers
  • Volumetric video
Balenciaga - Collaborating with other companies
Balenciaga - Collaborating with other companies

Izzal Amaani, Head of Production

Global Reception

  • Leading fashion, gaming, and business publications featured and reviewed the launch of ‘Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow’.

  • Embracing the impact of the game on the future of the games, tech, and fashion industry combined and their convergence meant addressing the rise of the Metaverse and its potential across industries.
Balenciaga - Bridge to the Metaverse

Bridge to the Metaverse

Streamline are developers, creatives, business strategists, and storytellers with a passion for interactive experiences. For twenty years, we have been at the forefront of entertainment and enterprise video games, working with the world's most beloved brands and entertainment franchises from Coca-Cola to Epic Games to 20th Century Fox and Capcom. We provide formidable solutions that transport brands into the Metaverse.

The Streamline Way

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