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QA and Localization from
a different perspective

Getting your product ready for the global market can be a daunting task. 

As production complexities increase, your product needs a team who can work in parallel with you to QA, localize your product using an integrated development pipeline.  

By incorporating our creative QA and Localization specialists  early on, you can be confident your product will check all the right boxes. 

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Quality Assurance

First party compliance services and functionality testing for all your QA needs, including Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Tap into our pool of FQAs, Compliance specialists and LQA resources for your gameplay testing and certification needs across all game genres and platforms.

We offer core testing services, focus testing, and group playtests to provide insights on various in development features of your title.



Publishing and release support for your global footprint.
Ensure your IP is compliant for publishing.

We understand the release pipeline and can assist with Age Ratings, Product Proposals to Release, Global Consumer and Community Growth.
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Capture the local feel with our global team.

Multilingual translations, culturalization, and linguistic quality assurance in 10 languages.

With in-house professional native linguists, we streamline your localization and LQA needs into one easy workflow.

We're hiring!
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In the Art Quality Assurance team, we are responsible for maintaining a high standard of quality in every delivery for every game project that inspires confidence in our clients and partners.

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We are looking for individuals who are detail-oriented as well as confident in their Korean abilities, both linguistically and culturally.

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This position is responsible for the accurate translation and interpretation of oral statement and written materials from Japanese to English, and vice versa.

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