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Streamline External Development series is about external development in the gaming industry; from start-up to building long term partnerships.

The Streamline Difference

Streamline was founded by developers for developers. For nearly 20 years we've been solving complex development issues for the worlds greatest game developers and publishers. We pioneered outsourcing, co-development, and distributed development while also releasing original products like HoopWorld and Nightstream as well as our own co-development platform, Streamframe.

Game Development has evolved. Teams work across the globe in hopes to release a great experience. Resource constrained, lacking experience, and unable to scale they desperately look for solutions. Very few actually exist.

We're in the trenches: game developers that know what it takes to ship and go live. So much in fact that we developed our own proprietary external development infrastructure, Streamframe to bring teams closer together and maximize execution.

For us, game development isn't theoretical, it's our daily reality.


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