The promise of South East Asia is a big lofty title. Like we’re going to unveil some earth shattering revelation, or we’re writing a romance novel, something like that. But this is a lot more sober than that. We’re talking about the road ahead for our industry, the video games industry, and the growing markets here. Not just growing, but expanding in leaps and bounds, like a game hero powered-up and ready to fly. That’s what the growth charts show us, and that’s why we’re so excited about the promise before us.

Because of some policy changes in China, rollbacks on a 14-year ban on console games, South East Asia is now teed up for significant opportunities ahead. Revenue is surging past the $1 billion mark.

“The Southeast Asian games market is often compared to that of China, and we can see that it is following behind China by a few years,” says Lisa Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners. “Gamers in Southeast Asia embrace massively online battle arena games, shooters, and mobile games just as they do in China. However, older Chinese gamers still embrace higher revenue generating MMORPGs [massively multiplayer online role-playing games], a segment that many Southeast Asian gamers shy away from. Therefore, the challenge to developers is to compel an increase in the level of spending on the type of games for which Southeast Asians have shown enthusiasm.” Fortune

Yes, there are many challenges ahead, but nothing will stop the surge of the video game industry, powered by the white-hot fuel of love of games. Gamers are committed. And the governments of Southeast Asia recognize that.

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, MDEC’s vice president of Creative Content & Technologies Division. Sees incredible growth in Malaysia, as much as 30% in the last two years.

This is the fastest growth of any geographical region. In comparison, the global growth rate is estimated at 7% for the same period. Today, the region video games market represents approximately 4% of global consumption, and the numbers are projected to climb rapidly in five years’ time. Vulcan

The promise of South East Asia is a surging wave of new talent, both in quantity and quality. The promise of South East Asia is watching that talent mature as it takes in new experiences and conquers new challenges. The promise of South East Asia is an influx of top international game developers setting up shop and building studios, hiring and nurturing young artists and programmers and creating some of the world’s greatest games.

All this is the promise of South East Asia, and it’s happening right now. Hang on, because if you’re part of this amazing community of gamers, either a player or a creator, you’re riding a rocket into the future.

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